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Employees of the Biolab laboratory offer quality services in the field of biochemical, hematological and immunochemical diagnostics. Our recognition is based on professionalism, ability and speed, which is continuously adapted to the needs of the market. We are organized and flexible in offering laboratory services. 

The satisfaction and trust of patients is our greatest reward and motivation, which we insist on and continue to develop and fulfill. 


CEO and Head of Laboratory

weblogo2png Vesna Slavica

Master of Science of medical biochemistry

Specialist of medical biochemistry

Deputy Head of Laboratory

weblogo2png Simona Kuzma

Bachelor degree in laboratory medicine


weblogo2png  1 specialist of medical biochemistry,

weblogo2png  1 master of laboratory biochemistry,

weblogo2png  1 bachelor degree in laboratory medicine,

weblogo2png  3 biomedical lab. technicians,

weblogo2png  1 administrator,

weblogo2png  2 couriers are responsible for transporting biological samples.