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BIOLAB is a private laboratory for medical biochemistry and hematology. We offer our customers a wide range of standard and specific laboratory tests.

We perform biochemical, hematological and immunochemical tests of blood, urine and stool as well as hemostasis tests in accordance with modern world standards of laboratory diagnostics. In our work we use cutting-edge laboratory analyzers with the latest technology, which requires well-trained personnel with extensive knowledge and experience.

The laboratory operates under the professional guidance of a specialist in medical biochemistry with an appropriate license and international experience. The laboratory is equipped with a laboratory information system, which is connected to the Policlinic, the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, the Institute of Transfusion Medicine of the Republic of Slovenia and with private medical offices. Data is transmitted electronically, so ordering tests and getting results is guaranteed in the shortest possible time.


BIOLAB's vision is to be recognized in the market by a specific program of providing quality services in the field of biochemical, hematological and immunochemical diagnostics. Our visibility is based on professionalism, quality, ability and speed, which is constantly adapted to the needs of the market. 

The values we promote and maintain are:

  weblogo2png quality of service

  weblogo2png appropriate laboratory technical equipment

  weblogo2png professionalism of employees

  weblogo2png partnerships with Doctors, Patients and Other Professionals

  weblogo2png excellence in providing laboratory services

  weblogo2png organization and flexibility of employees

Patient satisfaction and trust is our greatest reward and motivation to persist and continue to develop and refine.